Blog Uniplay – The Best Playground Markings For Schools

Uniplay – The Best Playground Markings For Schools


Thermoplastic markings are fun, vibrant and colorful, providing a great playground feature to excite children of all ages. Whether it’s a hopscotch with a rainbow design, or a game that encourages balance and hand-eye coordination, playground markings for schools can boost learning whilst encouraging physical growth and development in school children.More info :

These markings can be used to support all kinds of learning activities, including maths (addition and subtraction, multiplication, the alphabet, phonics) and English, as well as geography, science, telling time and maps. For example, a “mindful maze” can help encourage calm, reflective play by creating a labyrinth-like pattern that gives children the opportunity to slow down and relax.

Learning Through Play: Educational Benefits of Playground Markings in the UK

A good playground markings company will offer a range of designs to suit all needs, from traditional games like hopping squares to more complex educational markings such as an elephant-shaped grapheme match that allows children to call out a phoneme and then run to the matching grapheme on the playground marking. Other games include small group phoneme matches, fitness circles and long jump charts, all designed to help children build co-ordination, body confidence and endurance in a fun way.

One such markings company is Uniplay, a UK-based thermoplastic playground mark company with lots of different options and experience to draw on. This article will take a closer look at what they have to offer, who they are and how well their customers think they do their job.

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Aries Sun Cancer Moon Personality

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EDIC Carpet WandsEDIC Carpet Wands

carpet wand

Carpet wand | TMF Store are essential tools in the cleaning industry. They are used to drag cleaning solution across carpets to extract the soil and stains out of them. These wands are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to match the specific cleaning job you have in mind.

12″ Single Jet Wand (for box style extractors)

Our 12″ single jet drag wand is ideal for use with all types of box style extraction machines, both heated and non-heated. It is lighter than the typical carpet drag wand, leaves your carpets dryer, and requires less energy to clean the same amount of space. This wand also has an adjustable glide, which allows it to create a consistent seal to the floor no matter what angle you are dragging it across the carpet at. This ensures that there is a consistent recovery throughout the entire cleaning process, and it will result in faster drying times.

The Benefits of Investing in a Quality Carpet Cleaning Wand

Triton Carpet Wand

EDIC’s new Triton wand is the latest in carpet cleaning technology. It provides a lightweight and durable alternative to the traditional stainless steel wand, with an even/consistent air speed across the whole width of the wand head, guaranteeing optimum water recovery.

The wand shoe is made from UHMW plastic which has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic currently manufactured. It glides easily across the carpet and wears less due to its low coefficient of friction.

Easy View Sight Window

This feature is great for both new and experienced cleaners, letting them see when they have removed all of the dirt or stains from their carpet. It makes sure they are doing their job correctly and helps you to get the most out of each cleaning job by knowing when to repeat passes.