Recreation The Vaporizer Shop at Broadway St., Rochester New-York

The Vaporizer Shop at Broadway St., Rochester New-York

The Vape Shop is located at Broadway St. in Rochester, New-yr. It is owned and operated by Arthur J. Miglia, who was a long-time distributor of electronic cigarettes in the city of New York. Mr. Miglia has been the owner of the Vape Shop for the last eight years.

How to Find The Vaporizer Shop at Broadway St., Rochester New-York

This shop caters to the individual consumer, the college student and the office worker who wants to freshen up and take a break from the stressful day. The atmosphere of this store is very quiet and laid back. There are no security guards on the doors and the only security you will find inside the shop is the clerks who will answer the questions you have about the products and answer any other questions that you may have as well. They do not have a display unit in their store. They sell the e-liquid liquid directly from the bottles, with no middleman. The prices are very reasonable and their supplies are always replenished.

The Vaporizer Shop at Broadway St. is one of the many businesses located in the area. One could call the vaporizer business at Broadway Street a “hobby shop”. This is truly a wonderful business, with an owner who loves his product, the customers love the selection and the prices are the best in the area. This is one shop where you can find everything you need to start your own business. There are no complicated procedures to follow and they will assist you in finding the right product for you.

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