Digital Artist – Wlop

Wlop is a Chinese hobbyist who works as a digital artist. He has created a number of series of comics, including the GhostBlade, DeadDreams, and Cloud Insect. His comics focus on light, emotion, and beauty. His artwork is detailed and captures the essence of the characters he portrays. He uses a unique technique of placing elaborate details into a single area of focus. In addition, he uses simple shapes to depict jewelry and paints the background in saturated colors. This unique style captures the viewer’s attention, engrosses them in his work, and mesmerizes them with his talent.

WLOP: Patreon Earnings + Statistics + Graphs + Rank

Wlop’s artwork is diverse, and reflects his love of fantasy and urban themes. He focuses on dark and light greys, keeping the attention of viewers on focal points. He also uses rough brushstrokes to add a relaxed feel to his pieces. Wlop’s work is often influenced by his surroundings and is inspired by the city streets and buildings that surround him.

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