Adult About Adult Dolls

About Adult Dolls

About Adult Dolls

There is a subset Lily Suck of the population that seeks a doll companion. These people may dress the doll, talk to it or even have sex with it. These people are known as Dolls and it is a community that is growing. While there is very little research on the lifestyle of these people, it seems that many suffer from loneliness and feel a lack of intimacy in their daily lives.

Sex Dolls have gained popularity and are available in a variety of body types. Some are made to look like females, others like males and some are gender non-conforming. The body construction varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, with some allowing you to design the whole body and other offering pre-designed body sets. Depending on the doll and its purpose, it may have different breast constructions from solid to gel-filled.

Magic Of Realistic 140CM Sex Dolls And Torsos

Often, the dolls are sold with various accessories to enhance their experience. Some of these include heating systems that resemble body heat, breathing systems to simulate normal respiration and human hair implants to make the doll’s head and eyebrows more realistic.

The sex doll market is growing and has spawned a variety of businesses, including brothels that serve Dolls who want sex with other Dolls or just men and women. One brothel in Michigan was the first of its kind, but was shut down a week before opening due to backlash and zoning issues.

There is also a man in Michigan who is married to his sex doll, Sidore. Davecat and his doll live together in a small apartment and refer to each other as wife and girlfriend.

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