Day: August 26, 2023

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Happy Hippo Group Family Daycare is a family daycare in the heart of East Milwaukee, bringing care and comfort to your family’s home. This family-like environment will allow your child to develop essential social, emotional and behavioral skills that will prepare them for a happy and healthy future. We offer both full and part time packages. URL

Despite their thick skin, hippos can burn and itch under the fierce African sun. They spend most of the day in water or mud to keep cool and protect their delicate flesh. They also secrete a slimy red sweat-like substance that moisturizes their skin, repels water and blocks the sun’s rays. This secretion is the source of the popular myth that hippos “sweat blood.” But according to research at Keio University in Japan, the ooze is actually an oily pink pigment that may help wounds heal.

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A hippo’s eyes and nostrils are located high on their head, allowing them to see and breathe while submerged in the water. They sleep under the water during the day and then leave at night to graze, eating up to 110 pounds of grass each night.

Happy, a 5,000-pound hippopotamus, made the 17-hour voyage from the National Zoo in Washington to Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin by himself, without being sedated. His journey in a steel-framed, lumber-lined crate was overseen by a team of experts that included veterinarians and animal handlers. The zoo is proud that it was able to keep the animal calm throughout the trip.