Your 3 Month Old Baby

Posted by Lloyd on January 12, 2011
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Your baby may be showing his particular personality at around three months of age. He is less inner directed and will start to enjoy his surroundings.

Sleep. At the end of this month, your baby should be sleeping through the night. He may wake for short stretches, but you may want to wait and see if he can put himself back to sleep. By rushing in when he wakes, your are teaching him that he cannot get to sleep without his mom or dad to comfort him. If you have trouble getting him to sleep be sure his is getting enough stimuli during the day. Do not leave him in the crib too long when awake. He needs to associate the crib with sleep time. Place your infant down in the crib at night when he is drowsy, but not fully asleep.

Growth and Development. Your baby can now turn its head from side to side and follow a person with their eyes. When awake, cuddling isn’t enough anymore. They want to be talked to and played with. Show him new things.

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Color is becoming an important aspect in your baby’s vision. Red, greens and blues with interesting shapes are still their favorites. Pastel colors will run together and will be cloudy to their vision.

He will respond to a voice with coos or giggles. He may learn a new trick to blow bubbles with saliva. He may grasp voluntarily and will start to unflex his hand. The hands are becoming the focal point for an infant at this stage. If an infant drops an object, he assumes it has mysteriously vanished, and will not search for it. The coordination of looking – grasping and sucking means everything goes in their mouths. It is important to keep these items clean.

Enrichment Through Games.

Use different textures for your infant to feel.

A spongy squeeze top is a great toy at this age. An infant can squeeze it and let go and watch it go back to its original shape. They seem to love repetition.

Have your infant sit in your lap and look into each others eyes. When he glances away, you can glance away as well. As soon as he looks back and sees your not looking at him, he may fuss, look right back at him and watch the fun.

During a bath, touch and name his body parts. Use alot of baby talk, mimic your baby.

Shake your head, clap your hands, and stick your tongue out. Babies of this age love this activity. Get on the floor at his level and play!

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