What to Do When An Allergic Person Gets Stung

Posted by Lloyd on March 15, 2012

By the time we reach adulthood we’ve probably all been stung a few times and have a good idea of what to expect. But to the uninitiated — such as children and others who haven’t been stung before — it’s important to watch for signs of a severe allergic reaction. If you see them, act!

If a person has a severe reaction to a sting, (severe swelling, difficulty breathing, etc.) call Poison Control or a hospital emergency room for guidance. Before making the call, determine the following:

person’s age, weight and condition
name of insect (if possible bring the insect to the emergency room for identification)
time of the sting
area of the body stung
They will tell you if it’s necessary to take the person to the hospital. To locate the PCC nearest you can visit the Web site of the AAPCC. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.
What You Can Expect
When you arrive at the hospital, some or all of the following procedures may be performed:

They will administer medications orally or by injection.
They will establish and maintain the airway, if necessary.
They will treat the symptoms.

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