Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Posted by Lloyd on October 01, 2012

Women may lower their risk of heart disease just by walking, according to a recent study. Researchers reported that the pace of the walk is not as important as the time spent walking when it comes to reducing heart disease.

In the five-year study, about 40,000 women ages 45 and older were evaluated based on their exercise habits. Researchers found that women who burned more than 600 calories a week through walking were about half as likely to have heart disease as those who burned less than 200 calories a week. Women who walked more frequently reduced their risk of heart disease significantly, and researchers affirmed that the time spent exercising was a bigger factor in lowering heart disease than intensity level. Women who walked an hour or more had about half the heart disease risk than women who walked less than an hour. The study also concluded that walking decreased the risk of heart disease in women who smoked or who are overweight.

Your female clients may lower their heart disease risk through a moderate exercise program, such as walking. Walking is an excellent way for deconditioned and out-of-shape members who want to reap the health benefits of exercise without performing high intensity workouts. Advise members to maintain their walking programs, for at least an hour per session, if possible, at a pace that is comfortable to them, to reduce their risk of heart disease.

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