Using the Detoxifying Foot Pads and Their Positive Results

Posted by Lloyd on September 14, 2009
Alternative Medicine

Do these detoxifying foot pads really work?
It really depends on who you are asking.

A physician who works for a state medical facility will advise you that detoxifying foot pads are ineffective.

It has to do with logics. These individuals do not respect information from the world of alternative medicine. They really don’t think natural products work.

But this is comprehensible too. They just want to protect their job. They tend to reject simple solutions that may work as well as the standard, expensive treatments. This is the reason why a cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses will never be discovered. Health and medical care all over the globe has been focused on making money and not a person’s well being.

People that are not in the medical field will tell you something totally different.

People that have used these detoxifying foot pads have only had positive results. The improvement in their sleep, energy scale, and general health are quite impressive.

These foot pads have been tested in labs. A great number of lab results show lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, aluminum, cadmium and phthalates (plastic by-products). But, then they only found natural ingredients when they tested the unused patches.

This obviously indicates that the detoxing foot pads do withdraw poisons out of your body.

You can try them out to see if they work. Find out if you have elevated levels of lead or any other substance in your blood by having a blood test; then use the pads for a month and have your blood re-tested to see if the levels of lead have decreased.

Non-believers affirm that it is just the moisture in sweat that is the reason why the color of pads changes So why would the color get more and more faded until it becomes clear after several days of use? They turned lighter due to the fact that the volume of impurities being extracted through the skin has decreased.

There is something else you need to remember. America’s biggest chain of retail pharmacies, CVS, and also Avon, are carrying detoxifying foot pads. For what reason would highly respected companies want to sell a bad product? Do you expect that they would make sure their product is really working before standing behind it with their name?

Why is it so difficult to believe that detox foot pads are effective, when doctors routinely prescribe birth control and nicotine patches that have been proven to be effective?

The thing is that detoxification foot pads perform the way manufacturers affirm they do. Even if you doubt its effectiveness, try them before dismissing them completely.

There is one important thing to keep in your mind. You can find poor substitutes that are not made as well and can possibly contain dangerous chemicals.

It is important to buy a product that is tested and shown to work. These are the top detox foot pads that consistently have great results.

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