Treatment and Management of Macular Degeneration

Posted by Lloyd on April 27, 2012

At this time, laser photocoagulation treatment is the only therapy of proven benefit for macular degeneration. This treatment is effective only for wet AMD; and among those with wet AMD, only a small fraction with a specific configuration of new blood vessels is eligible for laser therapy. There is no proven-effective therapy or preventative strategy for dry AMD.

All patients with AMD may benefit from visual rehabilitation as directed by a specialist in Low Vision. Often, a combination of optical (eyeglasses, magnifiers, telescopes, etc.) and non-optical strategies (better lighting, training in use of peripheral vision, and use of items specifically designed for persons with poor vision such as large print books, books on tape, large print playing cards, computer readers and closed-circuit televisions) will allow a person with AMD to accomplish many activities of daily living with greater independence.

Since visual loss may be accompanied by depression, counseling and even anti-depressant medications may be helpful. As mentioned, visual hallucinations are not uncommon;

The patient should be reassured that these are a “natural” consequence of visual loss and not a sign of dementia or other psychiatric illness.

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