Tightness at Back of Legs

Posted by Lloyd on June 13, 2011
Alternative Medicine

Q.I’m 32 and have done light weights and some cardiovascular exercise fairly religiously my whole life. In the last year I have noticed that my back and the backs of my legs are extremely tight. I have pulled muscles or just noticed a lot of sore/muscle tension. I think I have pinched a nerve in my lower back/leg area making it hard to bend over. What would be the best approach to gain more flexibility? Should I continue with the weightlifting or switch to taking more classes, such as yoga?

A.You’re not stretching nearly enough! This is an all-too common complaint among people who get into a fixed routine of aerobics and strength training. I find their hamstrings and tendons throughout the body get so tight, they create postural problems and all sorts of aches, pulls and strains.

A. You need to restore your flexibility, but do it slowly, a class at a time. Yoga would certainly be ideal! Take a class and find out your limits right now. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can progress.

You can measure that by how much more fluid and easy the postures become. In the beginning, you’ll feel exceptionally tight and unable to do what many in the class are doing … but that’s OK. Let it go, and know that yoga is a deeply personal experience, and you will make progress day by day.

I really think that’s what’s called for. You sound very disciplined with the other parts of your fitness routine — but this need for flexibility is crucial right now.

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