The Sad Truth about Lead Poisoning. Part 1

Posted by Lloyd on April 16, 2012

* approximately 2 million children in the United States suffer from lead poisoning
* lead poisoning is the number one environmental disease of children
* lead poisoning is l00% preventable and if detected early on can be treated
* less than 20% of counties throughout the US have mandatory lead testing for children
* lead testing is inexpensive and simple to perform
* virtually no regulation on imported goods exists to monitor or prevent lead use

Environmental lead is a metal that is toxic to the human body, particularly to the brain and nervous system of the growing child. It can damage organs such as the liver, kidney and intestines as well as interfere with fertility and even result in death. Lead is present in numerous everyday household items and easily enters a young child’s bloodstream to do its damage. Once absorbed it is never excreted and accumulates quickly. All of these preventable outcomes increase dramatically a child’s likelihood for school failure, delinquency, and social isolation. These are some of the most powerful underpinnings of crime and poverty in our country. To realize that even a small degree of effort to eradicate this poison could result in significant societal change is mind boggling and all the more reason for efforts to be made mandatory at the earliest ages.

When lead is present in the home and school environment, young children who are crawling and using hand to mouth action are most likely to absorb the metal. All a child needs do is touch the contaminated blinds or drink water from contaminated pipes and the lead level in his body will rise. Since l980 the ban in leaded gasoline has resulted in less outdoor contamination but the soil surrounding former gas stations may be your child’s new playground and it is still toxic. Young families who buy a “handyman’s special” may find they have bought a toxic nightmare for their growing family when unexpected and undetected lead turns into neurologic horror for their children.

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