The Sad Truth about Lead Poisoning. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 16, 2012

Although lead testing of children is not mandatory in most areas, parents should insist on yearly lead testing (a simple and inexpensive blood test) for children under age 7. Schools should require this test for kindergarten admission at the very least although the damage may already have been irrevocably done by that time. As parents and health care professionals we must take immediate action on all levels to correct this needless tragedy. One immediate and simple approach is for parents of young children to test every household item that comes into contact with children before admitting it into the home. There are available tests that easily reveal the lead in our environment and since prevention is key, there is no excuse to delay this lead “search”. A product I strongly endorse is called KNOW LEAD instant lead test kit. It is easy to use (my teenager just showed me the mini-blind test and we will be buying new ones today despite the absence of young children in my household – principle alone forces me to have a safe home for my many little visitors and as a statement to the manufacturers of these unsafe products that we will not contribute to the economy of poison). This simple to use test kit is inexpensive and comes with information to guide your household search for lead. The small gizmo (slightly larger than a push-pin) is simply wet and stroked on the surface to be tested and a pink color change indicates the presence of lead. If every new parent had such a kit on leaving the hospital with their newborn we could prevent at least 50% of the known cases of lead poisoning before it even happens. Although medical treatment of lead poisoning has improved over the years, there is little encouragement that treatment reverses the effects on the nervous system to any significant degree. What a tragedy and how easily avoided. If you need more information go to this link on how to obtain the KNOW LEAD kits. Be aware and be warned.

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