The Printed Image of your Program

Posted by Lloyd on January 17, 2012

lMany clubs fail to realize the importance of image when designing their printed aerobics schedule. Once a copy of the schedule leaves the building, it’s out there for the world to see. Whether a member drops it in a parking lot or passes it on to friends, you can be assured that many people other than members look at your schedule of classes.

A schedule looks best when it is professionally printed. The impression it makes far exceeds those that are handwritten or typed. If your budget is tight, it may be possible to trade a free membership for a printer’s services, or allow the printer free advertising on the club’s premises.

A number of elements should be included in your schedule:

* A statement reflecting your goals for customer satisfaction, or a business philosophy.

* The dates and times each class is offered.

* The names of the instructors.

* A brief description of each type of class and whether it is best suited for beginner, intermediate or advanced students.

* Childcare hours.

* Announcements of special events and promotions.

* Facility hours.

Creative class names can add some flash to your aerobics schedule and set it apart from your competitors’. Instead of calling a class “Hi-Lo Aerobics,” why not call it “Cardio Jam” or “Aerobic Blast”? A toning class could be called “Firm Action,” and a beginner step class might be “Steppin’ Easy.”

By conjuring up visual images of fun for your classes through active class names, you will be more likely to entice your members into giving the class a try.

Use your schedule as an advertising tool. Many local businesses will allow you to leave a small stack of them in common areas, and some schools will allow you to post one on their bulletin boards. Always take a stack of them with you to hand out at special, offsite promotions.

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