Tests. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 28, 2012
Women's Health

In short, there are no “false positives or negatives” for this test because it doesn’t give positive or negative results; it predicts a risk ratio such as 1 in 234 or 1 in 899 for the given condition. If you are told that your test was “abnormal” it only means that your risk calculated as greater than that for a 35 yr. old woman and would be a possible indication for an amniocentesis if you chose to have one. (Amniocentesis is drawing amniotic fluid out from around the baby with a needle through your abdomen. The baby’s chromosomal number can be determined from this, among other useful information.

When can my baby sense things?
As early as ten weeks of gestation, the fetus may respond to local stimuli with squinting, mouth opening, finger flexion, and toe flexion. By only 14 weeks the fetus can swallow and make breathing movements, and by 24 weeks the fetus can respond to auditory stimuli, i.e. has the ability to hear.

Evidence from preemies suggests that by only 28 weeks, babies can respond to light changes as well as both taste and smell. That means that even 4 months before your due date your baby can probably hear you sing a lullaby or respond to whatever music you’re playing.

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