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Posted by Lloyd on January 25, 2012

“The premier club management systems developers,” according to Ivey, “continually assess the marketplace, reviewing their customers’ requirements and suggestions, to provide new features and capabilities.”

One key area of concern for clubs, says Ivey, is overhead costs: “New methodologies, such as [the use of an] ASP, reduce up-front overhead costs, maintenance, database errors and corruption due to network problems.

It also reduces space and power requirements [because]there is no need to have desks and computers all over the office.

Club operators can acquire only the terminals necessary to perform specific job functions, such as front desk, sales and back office.

These systems also provide instant membership recognition, with the ability to check-in and be recognized anywhere the member has access. This gives multi-club operators the ability to offer multi-club access to clubs all over the world.”

Another area of concern for clubs, Ivey continues, is staff time, which technology can reduce: “Some services provide members access to club scheduling information and other management features that would normally take time away from staff members.

[These can be used] to schedule such things as courts, classes and special services like massage and physical therapy.”

Other areas where technology can help to save staff time is information updates, “such as member address changes, billing information and account reconciliation, [which can all be changed] by the members themselves, without using club resources such as personnel and computers,” says Ivey.

New methods of clubaccess are also available, “allowing club owners to benefit [through] increased security, better member control, and increased ability to provide after-hour access and nearly unstaffed entry at all times,” Ivey says.

For the FISA survey, one of the goals is to “shine a light on whether [technology] investments that clubs are making are paying off,” says Dinerman. That way, FISA members can “develop a baseline for where this business is as far as technology, and work together to satisfy the needs of the market.”

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