Couching a Bad Lifestyle. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 03, 2012
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Interestingly enough, back pain is one of the most prevalent illnesses,and it can easily be treated with exercise. Exercise as treatment is a radical departure from that which has been prescribed for most Americans in the past. Typically, surgery or other invasive forms of treatment are prescribed, with little or no results. Continue reading…

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Prevent Injuries in Novice Kickboxers

Posted by Lloyd on March 27, 2012
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Kickboxing is probably one of the most popular group exercise classes you have at your fitness facility, but some of the moves may be too advanced for beginning members, leaving them at risk for injury. In traditional martial arts studios, kickboxing is taught in slow, gradual levels, and students develop their skills in strength, balance, speed, flexibility and coordination over time. In health clubs, kickboxing classes are generally fast-paced and focused on aerobic training to burn calories. Continue reading…

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Health & Fitness Exchange, Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on December 29, 2011
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Murder on Harbor Boulevard was designed to promote balanced physical activity. Because detectives were unable to get additional clues by spending extra hours on the treadmill or pumping iron, there was no incentive to overtrain. This encouraged members to space out their workouts and plan ahead rather than doing too much in a single exercise session. At the same time, the program motivated runners to include strength training in their exercise program and got some weightlifters to add aerobics to their weekly training regimen. The end result was a 24 percent increase in facility utilization during the six-week event. Continue reading…

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