Causation. Part 4

Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2012
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To every primary action of a remedy there is an equal and opposite secondary reaction of the vital force. If a person’s disease state produces warmth, and the homeopath gives a warm remedy, the secondary action of the vital force will produce coolness to bring homeostasis. This is the basis of the homeopathic laws of cure. Continue reading…

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Couching a Bad Lifestyle. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 03, 2012
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Interestingly enough, back pain is one of the most prevalent illnesses,and it can easily be treated with exercise. Exercise as treatment is a radical departure from that which has been prescribed for most Americans in the past. Typically, surgery or other invasive forms of treatment are prescribed, with little or no results. Continue reading…

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An Alternative Medicine Agency in our Government?

Posted by Lloyd on August 02, 2011
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Unknown to the public at large, the National Center For Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is an organized body of physicians, practitioners and scientists who search for better and healthier alternatives for us all. Continue reading…

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