Strategies for Active Listening

Posted by Lloyd on July 18, 2012
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Creating an environment of supportive communication in your facility will improve morale, reduce turnover and make first-class customer service the rule rather than the exception. Supportive communication is communication that addresses any existing problems while preserving the underlying trust and positive relationships between people. Continue reading…

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Junglee Boogie

Posted by Lloyd on June 25, 2012
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Can’t wait for XML ubiquity? Try Junglee’s VDB now.

“It doesn’t matter how you create data,” says Venky Harinarayan, a vice president at Junglee (above), “because VDB can assign relevant context tags to it.” The technology also eliminates unrelated information and presents the results in a comparison chart. In effect, they’re XML-izing the search. Continue reading…

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Health & Fitness Exchange, Part 1

Posted by Lloyd on December 22, 2011
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It can be a challenge to get employees to exercise nowadays. With so many demands on peoples’ time, exercise sometimes takes a back seat to other needs. Corporate fitness centers need to develop innovative ways to draw employees into their facilities. They also need to encourage them to follow a balanced exercise program that includes cardiovascular conditioning, as well as resistance training. At the PaineWebber Health & Fitness Exchange, staff members have developed a unique way to achieve these goals. By offering employees a chance to get clues to a murder mystery, they have increased participation in their fitness classes and even boosted the number of members who attend their facility on Harbor Boulevard. Continue reading…

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Centrelink Satisfaction Survey

Posted by Lloyd on October 27, 2011
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Centrelink is conducting a Satisfaction Survey to get the views of the disability service sector about their working relationship with local Centrelink office/offices. Centrelink wants to ensure that, before the implementation of the Welfare To Work changes in July, local Centrelink offices have in place good working relationships with their local providers who work with customers with disabilities. Continue reading…

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Homeopathy Online’s First Post 2

Posted by Lloyd on July 04, 2011
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I’d be happy to discuss – with study groups, or other schools or colleges, any future use of this case and its analysis – let’s make this a process of discussion! Continue reading…

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