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Don’t exercise, eat what you want and still lose 30 pounds in 30 hours. Ask me how! Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on October 25, 2011
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This synergistic drug combo of pure ephedrine + caffeine (E+C), derived from synthetic sources, has been the subject of numerous weight-loss studies. The results are convincing: E+C, when taken in appropriate doses, produces measurable decreases in body weight, body fat, appetite, and may “spare” the loss of calorie-burning muscle tissue, an almost unavoidable consequence of WEIGHT loss achieved through dieting (3,4). Continue reading…

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What You Should Be Aware Of With HGH Anti-Aging Items

Posted by Lloyd on November 23, 2009
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When we have noticeable signs of aging, it comes to mind that there is something we can do to make it happen slower. Some companies and products advertise false claims, telling you that they can reverse the effects of aging.
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Health Products For Elderly Care

Posted by Lloyd on May 27, 2009
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Several people look forward to retirement as a period to enjoy life and slow down. Sometimes the hard worked to gain that percious time cannot be fully enjoyed. This is where most consider moving into some type of nursing facility. There are other choices, though. Many fail to look into other options, such as at-home care.

When moving into a nursing facility, most senior’s concerns lies in maintaining their dignity and freedom. Residents age from 65-100, although majority age in the low to mid 80′s. A nursing home located in a fine residential area, equipped with quality accommodations and good neighbors is a major benefit. Once the pressure of living alone have been lifted, residents have been known to “come alive” again and they are able to enjoy many activities that the nursing facliity offers.
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