How Friends Can Help Friends Quit Smoking. Part 1

Posted by Lloyd on July 31, 2012
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“I’d really like to get my sister interested in working out with me,” one of your clients tells you. “I think hanging around the fitness center with people who care about their health would help convince her to quit smoking. I probably bug her too much, but what else can I do? I can’t stand watching her smoke herself into an early grave.” Continue reading…

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The Sad Truth about Lead Poisoning. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 16, 2012
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Although lead testing of children is not mandatory in most areas, parents should insist on yearly lead testing (a simple and inexpensive blood test) for children under age 7. Schools should require this test for kindergarten admission at the very least although the damage may already have been irrevocably done by that time. Continue reading…

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Couching a Bad Lifestyle. Part 1

Posted by Lloyd on April 03, 2012
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The sedentary population hates us. Gone are the days when it was OK for them to lead couch potato lifestyles. Ten to 20 years ago, exercise was more of an individual choice. Those of us who chose to be physically active did so because it made us look and feel good. But those who didn’t, hey, it was up to them to decide what kind of lifestyle they chose to live, right? Continue reading…

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Manage Your Stress – Tips on Managing Stress 3

Posted by Lloyd on February 09, 2011
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Insider Scoop: A review of 23 randomized controlled trials found that heart attack survivors who received psychological counselling as part of their cardiac rehabilitation had greater reductions in psychological distress, blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels. Patients who didn’t receive psychosocial treatment were more likely to die or to have another episode of heart disease.

Continue reading…

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