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Posted by Lloyd on January 25, 2012
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“The premier club management systems developers,” according to Ivey, “continually assess the marketplace, reviewing their customers’ requirements and suggestions, to provide new features and capabilities.” Continue reading…

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Plan B – Lancet has a go at the FDA

Posted by Lloyd on November 03, 2011
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A well known international medical journal has called on the acting FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to adopt an independent stance and follow the best judgment of it’s expert staff and scientific advisers, even when that means incurring the wrath of patients’ groups, industry, Congress, and even the White House. Continue reading…

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Centrelink Satisfaction Survey

Posted by Lloyd on October 27, 2011
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Centrelink is conducting a Satisfaction Survey to get the views of the disability service sector about their working relationship with local Centrelink office/offices. Centrelink wants to ensure that, before the implementation of the Welfare To Work changes in July, local Centrelink offices have in place good working relationships with their local providers who work with customers with disabilities. Continue reading…

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