Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Posted by Lloyd on October 01, 2012
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Women may lower their risk of heart disease just by walking, according to a recent study. Researchers reported that the pace of the walk is not as important as the time spent walking when it comes to reducing heart disease. Continue reading…

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Don’t exercise, eat what you want and still lose 30 pounds in 30 hours. Ask me how! Part 1

Posted by Lloyd on October 25, 2011
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We Americans are fat, overweight, under-lean, adipose challenged and starving amidst gluttony. Forget the notion of cosmetics, aesthetics and cover girl models: OVER FATNESS means UNDER HEALTHINESS.

Most people don’t see FAT like that. Recent government guidelines produced by the National Institutes of Health (using body mass index [BMI] as a measure of obese-ness) show the percentage of plump Americans is bigger than the percentage of calories we Americans as a whole derive from our diets: 55% vs. 35%. Continue reading…

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