Stepping Onto the Holistic Path

Posted by Lloyd on September 12, 2011
Alternative Medicine

OK, you’ve gotten the message. You’re tired of the excess weight, the fatigue, the depression … are you ready to try something new?

You’ve tried the fad diets, body wraps and sit-ups. You’ve finally faced the fact there are no “quick fixes,” no “magic bullets” when it comes to your health, and you’re ready to undertake a more holistic approach to staying healthy and fit.

Where to begin? The holistic path often takes its cues from the lifestyles of the indigenous peoples of the earth, who have traditionally lived in harmony with the laws of nature, generally achieving excellent health and long life.

For example, the Hunzas, a strong, healthy people who live in the mountains of Afghanistan, routinely live to be 150 years old. A 100-year-old person is considered young in their culture. How do they achieve such extraordinary vitality and longevity? First, they eat pure food, breathe pure air and drink pure water. Second, they live simply, in sync with the natural rhythms and flows of the universe; they get up with sun, lay down with the moon. Uncorrupted by modern society, they live as their ancestors before them have lived for thousands of years.

Most of us, of course, will never live life styles even remotely similar to that of the Hunzas, but that does not mean that we cannot meet some of the basic requirements for consistent good health and longevity.

Requirement No. 1: Pure Food

The average adult American has over five pounds of undigested red meat in his/her colon. When red meat is consumed on a frequent basis, the colon becomes clogged. As the meat decomposes, it putrifies, sending toxins throughout the system. Acne, bad breath, body odor, headache and constipation are some of the early results. As the years go by and the colon becomes even more diseased, more serious problems crop up such as colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and colo/rectal cancer.

The foundation of good health is a clean diet and a clean colon. In many cultures, people routinely practice colon cleansing on a regular basis. When your diet consists of less meat and more fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, the food is easier to digest and the roughage and fiber have a colon cleansing effect. It’s not necessary to become a vegetarian, although a plant-based diet is infinitely healthier than a meat-based diet. Try to cut down on red meat in particular. Stick to chicken, turkey and fish. Try to buy poultry that has not been shot up and fish that comes from relatively clean water (the further north, the better). Don’t fry it. Broil, bake, stew, steam; anything but fry it.

Fried foods, particularly those fried in commercial cooking oils, are highly toxic and release free radicals, mutated molecules that cause disease and aging. All cooking oil should be “cold pressed” or “expeller expressed” (it will state so on the label) meaning no heat has been used in the processing. When heat is used to extract the oil form the plant, the oil becomes rancid. Commercial cooking oils are rancid before you buy them. If you fail to refrigerate them, they become even more rancid. If you reuse them (God forbid) they become even more poisonous.

Dairy products are another enemy in the battle for good health. In spite, of what the National Dairy Council tells you, cow’s milk was created for baby cows, not people. Cow’s milk contains almost twice as much protein as human milk, and the human digestive system is not designed to digest it. Milk causes allergies, asthma, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, bacterial infection (due to the mucous buildup which traps and holds bacteria), skin problems and fatigue. There is no other animal on this earth that drinks milk once it is weaned from its mother’s breast.

Cutting down on red meat and dairy products are two important steps in achieving the vibrant, energized existence that manifests when one begins to obey the laws of nature. As you cut down on these colon cloggers, your energy levels will soar, your skin will start to clear up and your attitude will improve. Eating some fruit in the morning and a salad in the afternoon or evening will greatly enhance the effect.

Remember the body, mind and spirit are one. If you are toxic on the physical plane, then your thinking, even your behavior, will be toxic. Submitting to the grand design by cleansing and purifying your system, although difficult at times, is the only way to achieve a harmonious, balanced, centered, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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