Standing for Hours Increases Miscarriage Chances

Posted by Lloyd on March 28, 2011

Standing may be hazardous to your reproductive health. Women who stand for seven hours at a time at work have four times the risk of miscarrying, according to research published in Epidemiology.

Over 5,300 pregnant women were questioned about their medical histories, their jobs, and how much housework they did each day. Of those women, 499 miscarried and 32 delivered stillborn babies.

Researchers concluded that women who stood for long periods produced catecholamines, compounds created by the adrenal glands in response to lowered blood pressure levels. These compounds work to keep blood flowing to the brain and heart, which keeps the heart rate up. However, they divert blood flow from the uterus which can cause contractions; this raises the miscarriage risk.

There were other factors which led to the increased risk of miscarriage, including bending on the job and prior incidence of miscarriage, which weakens the cervix.

Heavy lifting and housework did not contribute to higher risks, researchers found.

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