Propecia Cures Male Pattern Baldness

Posted by Lloyd on January 09, 2012
Hair Loss

Propecia will treat your hair loss: Propecia is a physician-prescribed medication that has garnered FDA approval. Propecia is a widely used medication that reduces mild to moderate male pattern baldness, especially at the top and middle of the scalp. Smaller amounts of this medication have been effective at treating prostatic hyperplasia, while it is used in larger amounts for patients with prostate cancer. Numerous clinical studies show that most men who take Propecia stop losing their hair while some even enjoy renewed hair growth. But how well it works depends on how serious each case is; not everyone regrows all of their lost hair.

Is Propecia really as good as the hype?

Propecia is sold as a pill containing one milligram of the active ingredient finasteride. A number of tests have been conducted showing the rewards gained by Propecia use. The majority of men who use Propecia report the cessation of hair loss and/or new hair growth. In order for the drug to effectively provide these results, it must be taken daily for three to six months. And it is necessary to stay with the course if you wish to keep your re-grown hair.

What makes Propecia effective?

One of the most common causes of male pattern baldness, more formally known as androgenetic alopecia, is too much DHT present in their scalp. DHT reduces hair follicles to being totally invisible. Propecia works to suppress the manufacture of DHT and thereby lower its levels in the body. Consequently, additional shrinkage of the hair follicles that are impacted is avoided. A drug initially used to combat prostate cancer, Finasteride is the chief ingredient in Propecia. The medication is usually prescribed in doses of 5mg and is especially effective in countering hair loss at the crown of the head.

In terms of Propecia use, what is the best dose and frequency?

It is not harmful to take Propecia once a day. Rather than instructing patients to take the drug as recommended by the manufacturer, doctors suggest taking half of a tablet in addition to a whole tablet. Studies indicate this medication works best if taken one time daily. In addition, the half life for this medication is in the range of 5-6 hours. So if you miss one dose, Propecia stops working.

We always recommend you discuss your issues with a physician.

How easy is it to get Propecia?

Since Propecia requires a prescription, first see your physician to buy Propecia online. Some dependable sites exist which adhere to professional and ethical standards in selling Propecia without prescription.

What is the downside to using Propecia?

All medications have some side effects, but the majority of people using Propecia, which is the only drug of its type that has FDA approval, report few problems when taking it. In clinical trials, subjects did end up with negative symptoms such as reduced levels of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, or decreased quantities of semen. The adverse reactions went away immediately upon the users giving up the drug. Pregnant women should not touch it: When cracked or crushed, a Propecia tablet will expose its active ingredient, which can cause problems in the fetal development of male sex organs.

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