Prevent Injuries in Novice Kickboxers

Posted by Lloyd on March 27, 2012
Extreme Sports

Kickboxing is probably one of the most popular group exercise classes you have at your fitness facility, but some of the moves may be too advanced for beginning members, leaving them at risk for injury. In traditional martial arts studios, kickboxing is taught in slow, gradual levels, and students develop their skills in strength, balance, speed, flexibility and coordination over time. In health clubs, kickboxing classes are generally fast-paced and focused on aerobic training to burn calories.

How can you help your members be more adept in your kickboxing classes and reduce their chances of getting injured? Follow these tips:

Offer beginning kickboxing classes that teach novices the proper techniques of each move in gradual levels
Include sports-specific warm-ups that use movements similar to those used in kickboxing

Encourage members to cool-down and stretch after working out. Teach members how to control speed, range of motion and balance to avoid straining muscles. Hire certified instructors to teach kickboxing classes.

Information provided by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America.

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