Nursing in Comfort & Style

Posted by Lloyd on November 18, 2011

It is important for every mom to feel that she and baby can meet the world together proudly and not hide away at home during the nursing years. Luckily, there are lots of clothing options that allow you to nurse in comfort and with style.

Wearing loose button-down shirts and unbuttoning from the bottom up can help to keep you covered when nursing in public. Wearing a loose t-shirt or cropped t-shirt under the button-down can further prevent showing more skin that you want to show. Loose t-shirts alone are also very comfortable and practical. It seems like I am obsessing on the word loose but wearing loose clothing will be easier on your breasts as well as on your psyche. After pregnancy the last thing you need is a too-tight shirt stretched across your new, more full-figured, full-of-milk breasts.

Many books will tell you to wear big bright prints to hide the milk stains. This advice always bugged me. When I was an early nursing mom and my breasts were HUGE and full, the last thing I wanted was an Hawaiian print shirt to draw attention to them. Of course, each of us will be able to decide what looks and feels best for us.

Some manufacturers equate nursing with pregnancy and assume that nursing moms won’t mind wearing pregnancy tops with nursing flaps in them. When I said loose, I did not mean pregnancy loose. There is a fine line between comfort and totally abandoning style.

There are some cover-ups available for nursing moms that you hang around your neck to cover baby completely. Most babies object to this type of covering. They like to look at mom and their surroundings.

Better than using a blanket or cover-up would be learning to use a sling. These remarkable devices are so simple and yet so practical that once you learn how to use it (best taught to you by an experienced sling-mom) you will rely on this as your most-used wardrobe item. They allow for discreet nursing as well as hands-free activity during your busy day.

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