March Welcome Letter

Posted by Lloyd on June 27, 2012

Welcome to Butterfly Central! I began Butterfly School to form a daily connection with my children and to share my passion for learning! This month Butterfly Central will help you set up Butterfly School for yourself.

Butterfly School is for caring adults to share with children age 18 months to 4+ years. (Even younger children may enjoy quick sessions.) Everyone can get involved — Moms, Dads, grandparents and other caregivers. Activity Sheets are self-explanatory and different grown-ups can lead on different days.

Check in once a week to print out the Activity Sheets for the week, post them in a handy place (like on your refrigerator), and set aside 15 minutes to share them with your child!

In March, there are five preview Activity Sheets to introduce butterflies and their lifecycle. Coming in April: daily Activity Sheets share a butterfly journey through the alphabet.

Butterfly School encourages children to focus on health, including exercise, nutrition, hygiene and good intellectual health. Butterfly School helps children enjoy learning about themselves and their environment.

Activity Sheets
Each activity sheet contains all the information you need for daily Butterfly School fun. “Picture Talk” on each page makes it easy for you to describe the picture to a young child. “Activities to Share” suggests discussing the date and weather each time you play Butterfly School. The question at the bottom of the sheet will help you record your child’s thoughts. This makes it easy to build a journal of your child’s work over time.

Have crayons ready for coloring the pictures. Extra paper and scissors will let you cut out paper butterflies to share. Begin a creativity basket to keep these all handy.

15 Minutes (almost) Every Day
Butterfly School is easy and fun. I aim for 15 minutes sessions with quick set up and clean up. This balances my schedule with my children’s attention span. Days when we are all engaged, and time permits, we add extra short activities.

Some days, we just do a quick date and weather check and save activities for another time.

We usually do Butterfly School in the morning, but it works any time you are ready to share in learning.


Try to hang up the sheets you complete, then collect them in a folder. Each sheet has a question for you to read to your child. Use it as a conversation starter. Write down your child’s answer. In April, you will be able to build a daily journal!

Enjoy this special preview month getting to know Butterfly School. In April, Butterfly Central resources will expand to include daily activities and mini-posters.

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