Junglee Boogie

Posted by Lloyd on June 25, 2012

Can’t wait for XML ubiquity? Try Junglee’s VDB now.

“It doesn’t matter how you create data,” says Venky Harinarayan, a vice president at Junglee (above), “because VDB can assign relevant context tags to it.” The technology also eliminates unrelated information and presents the results in a comparison chart. In effect, they’re XML-izing the search.

How does it work? To the non-technical eye, VDB might as well stand for Voodoo Database, but essentially the technology combs related sites for data, categorizes the data under predetermined tags, massages it into a flexible database, and pulls the results into a unified presentation that the user can manipulate. Yahoo! employs the technology in its popular shopping guide (http://shopguide.yahoo.com), as does The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition in its careers section (http://careers.wsj.com).

Harinarayan is uncertain about the prospects for XML: “It’s hard enough for a common standard to be agreed upon just within one company. It’ll be an even bigger challenge to unite all these different companies to come up with one standard.”

Later this year, Junglee will roll out a corporate procurement version of VDB, whereby a company can choose the vendors it wants to buy products from, have Junglee tag those vendors’ sites, and then let its employees run searches from those predetermined sites. It’s a sneak peek at what the future holds in an XML Web. — EH

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