Include your Members

Posted by Lloyd on July 30, 2012

Look beyond your staff to your members for further waste-elimination opportunities. And be sure to communicate to members where you are making changes. Nurture efficient club usage from members and guests. This could be as simple as enlarging the welcome mat so more dirt and dust is kept out of the facility.

Also, tie waste elimination into ongoing membersurveys. If a service is no longer used or wanted, consider taking it away if it means you are saving costs that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Members must see the benefits of their contribution to waste elimination, just as your employees do. For instance, as a result of switching the towel stock from all large to a 50/50 split between large and hand towels, one club saved $3,900 in laundry costs. Due to the savings, there are now extra group exercise bikes, and a new entertainment system in the group exercise studio.

Some managers will hesitate to be so open about their operations. But if you want members to help you cut waste, at least give them something in return.

They will then be more likely to contribute other waste-saving ideas, and they will not feel cheated. Give your members more of the value they want and expect, and less of the waste they do not.

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