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Posted by Lloyd on July 11, 2011

I wouldn’t associate with a lot of those people because of their morals – a lot of them so immoral, and pop music, and ones really immoral.

Right from being a teenager fai been crushed (she puts both hands on her upper chest)- until I get chronic indigestion – fai I am being crushed and pains go all around and that comes and goes I always had that.

I’ve always had a lot of trouble – daughter died young, many years ago from a brain tumour. It devastated me. I had miscarriages when she was two, and my own father and brother was killed in a crash when I was 2 – it was traumatic –

I was always well-dressed, always well-fed but never knew mother to show me any affection; she never held me kissed me. She had to go back to work and we were tagged onto bottom of grandmother’s family. I seemed to just get bullied and not happy. As a teenager feeling had the feeling I wasn’t really here – insecurity and I was never well.

Always been with my husband – we just drifted along and then got married, then he had to go in Forces. Grandmother as soon as found out I was expecting – she died; and then I had daughter and then everything seemed to be OK.

. . . . everything I loved I seem to have lost. I just never – parents thought – left me money and OK but no love.

Had dreadful cystitis got < and < and <. Tests always showed infections so I was always full of antibiotics. I had to keep going and taking urine samples.

They still px’d the antibiotics. Every time I took a urine sample it was always full of dead cells and protein. Gradually cleared up – not had for a couple of years. Seems to have cleared up and don’t get the cystitis now.

He said I had had thyroid trouble: I used to fall asleep even at table eating a meal. Even having a wash – I felt SO ill. Dr. says I have to take Thyroxine for the rest of my life. I think that is it about to date.

I get so – seem to worry about everybody problem. I’m just anxious and afraid – and I really love my husband’s mum and dad because I could always go there and I loved them . His mum lived with us for 15 years and then she died and his dad died I was 30.

My Mum died, 6 months later my daughter died with brain tumour.

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