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Posted by Lloyd on July 04, 2011

I’d be happy to discuss – with study groups, or other schools or colleges, any future use of this case and its analysis – let’s make this a process of discussion!

Paragraph spacings represent a pause on the part of the patient. ? before a sentence indicates a question I have asked her.

A thorough head-to-toe questioning was carried out (for physical symptoms): only replies which yielded potentially useful information have been included here.

My “style” with this patient was to sit back, invite her story, and let her tell it – with pauses for her to catch her breath, ponder, reflect, and so on. The interview took 90 minutes – I rarely ask questions with this sort of delivery until into the last 1/3rd of the time – that’s when I “head-toe” the patient, and clarify things she has said.

A friend (who has been for homeopathic treatment) felt could help me. What I’ve come to see you about goes back a long, long time. goes back long time

A year last January I developed a continually sore tongue. Dr. dg’d thrush – and treated with Nystatin. Saw a dentist – who said it wasn’t due to rough teeth. In Feb. ’95 I felt so ill – I had shingles in head left side – Dr. gave me antiviral treatment.

I really didn’t feel very well. In April felt so ill. I had dreadful diarrhoea – went to different Drs. – salmonella dg’d – felt really ill, so weak, so ill, I had 5 blood tests. One for thyroxin – I was spot on. One was for sugar, one for infection, and one was anemia – said slightly. Another was for GF and it came back slightly dubious – Dr. said I didn’t have it, she said I had toxoplasmosis – but not to worry since the tests showed it was a long time ago.

Still have the sore tongue – put on Prothioadin because had I developed depression after the virus. Don’t like taking it – and brought it down to almost just one. I went back to Gps and said I’m worried about this sore tongue. Dentist has ground the teeth, doesn’t think it is them causing it.

Dr. said it could be Vitamin B deficiencies. While I was at the drs. I was given injections for flu and one for viral pneumonia.

Long history of – I’ve – you know – I’ve – always been very sensitive, anxious, worried. I don’t have a TV because I’d want to switch it off – I want to put the world right – I just care – Dr. said I cared too much, and that is the basis of my trouble.

Some the things on TV – you know – you hear such bad language. I don’t like it – it distresses me and you see so much . . . . – even in these party political broadcasts – they say such dreadful things to one another, I don’t like it.

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