Homeopathy Online’s First Post 1

Posted by Lloyd on June 27, 2011

Sheffield School of Homeopathy in the United Kingdom. Ian acts as a tutor at both the Sheffield School and the Scottish College of Homeopathy, and has also taught at the London and Manchester Colleges of Classical Homeopathy.

To read over the case, scroll down. If you’ve already studied the case and read the comments of others, you may now wish to participate in the analysis.

The notes provided below are terse and deliberately unedited. But they are the same notes that were used to solve the case. If you are unfamiliar with terminology used by the moderator, please ask – terms vary from country to country, and in note-taking abbreviation is necessary.

Of critical importance is the preservation of the patient’s identity. As in any study group, cases posted herein should not be discussed outside of these pages. And if you are able to identify the patient, please notify the moderator.

Please note that when Homeopathy Online opens a new issue, discussion will be closed on this case and you will no longer be able to submit comments to the page.

Patient: 65 year-old retired housewife

What follows is a verbatim record of the patient, edited only insofar as is necessary to preserve her anonymity.

She has given us her permission to use this case for teaching purposes. Please respect her details as you would wish your own to be.

Since this is the first interactive case to appear in Homeopathy Online, I’d like to propose some ground rules – rules which I would see as negotiable and changeable as we evolve this forum.

For me, the use of a patient’s case details call for guidelines which we all agree to. All of our students here in Sheffield agree to follow them as part of their taught course.

Useful rules we have evolved (and others I’d like to suggest for Homeopathy Online) are to keep printed case details in an envelope, secure with the rest of your case or homoeopathy notes. If you’re working on them at home or at college, don’t leave them lying around whilst you break off for that important shot of caffeine, TV program or whatever.

Please don’t be tempted to discuss cases outside the teaching environment (classroom or tutorial) – for us I guess we add – the environment of Homeopathy Online.

Please resist the urge to distribute paper copies of this case after its resolution on Homeopathy Online.

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