Helping Your Spouse or Parent With Diabetes

Posted by Lloyd on July 13, 2012

Helping someone you love deal with diabetes is often difficult and requires a delicate balance of encouragement and support. Type 2 diabetes is an extremely serious disease that requires daily self-management. But controlling diabetes can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life.

The key is to learn all you can about how to manage the disease, and then ask your loved one how you can help support their efforts. Listen to their concerns. Help them learn more about the disease and self-care. Whenever possible, join them in healthy eating and physical activity.

Think carefully about your relationship and personalities. How do you work together best? What would help you if your roles were reversed? Consider how your suggestions might be received. What you may offer as encouragement may be taken as nagging.

Give praise for achievements such as losing a few pounds or sticking with an exercise routine for a full month. Acknowledge the difficulty of staying with the management program. When he or she slips, don’t scold. Above all, let your loved one know that caring motivates your concern.

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