Healthy Holiday Eating

Posted by Lloyd on October 19, 2011

With the holidays rolling in, the weight gain inevitably follows. However, this year it doesn’t have to. By watching what you eat, while still enjoying yourself, you can avoid the weight gain this holiday season. Learn the rules to keep your figure even while surrounded with holiday parties, cookies, and drinks.

Rule 1: Don’t diet during the holidays. Don’t sabotage yourself by trying to lose weight when you’re sure to be swamped with goodies from social activities. Rather, focus on eating healthy foods during this time and limiting your portion sizes.

Rule 2: Avoid high-calorie drinks. Alcoholic beverages, eggnog, hot chocolate, and other holiday drinks can slide down easily, but can pack in more calories than you realize. If you want to indulge, try ligher versions like white wine and fat-free chocolate.

Rule 3: Eat buffets wisely. When eating at buffets or parties, pick items that will fill you up, like meats, veggies, nuts, and yogurts. When eating treats, pick the few items that you will really enjoy.

Rule 4: Cook light. For your holiday feasts, try lower-calorie versions by substituting low-fat butter and milk in your dishes. Try healthier versions such as meat and veggies without sauces.

Rule 5: Ease your stress. To ease your stress load, let others host parties or do the work for you. Consider hiring a SLC caterer if you want to have a holiday party. Get decorations from others or re-use recipes to make your holiday tasks lower.

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