Healthplex Sports Club

Posted by Lloyd on July 09, 2012

With the changing demographics of health club members, and with the U.S. population reaching older ages, the “usual” way of running a fitness business may no longer be the best way. Now, members are seeking amore holistic wellness approach, rather than the old strictly fitness approach.

This wellness approach includes things like nutrition and weight counseling, spa services, mind/ body fitness, sports programs, and more, with a focus on staying healthy, rather than being a fit muscle machine. Hospital-based fitness centers do a great job incorporating all aspects of health into their fitness centers, and Healthplex Sports Club is no exception. The club is part of the Crozer-Keystone Health System, which is the largest health system in Delaware (Pa.) county; plus, Healthplex is the second-largest health and fitness medical center in the U.S. So it must be doing something right.

Members of Healthplex have access to an extensive list of facilities and programs, not the least of which is the club’s staff members, who all have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, plus certifications. And, in addition to the usual offerings of cardio machines, weights and group exercise programs, the facility offers a pool with swimming classes, lessons and a swim team; tennis, racquetball and squash courts; dance, yoga, tai chi and Pilates classes; a running track; a sports medicine center; sports-specific training; a physical rehab center; a golf driving range; basketball courts that can also be used for volleyball; and the list goes on. It also offers wellness programs for special populations, including Osteo-Fit, Healthy Living, Lighten Up and Aqua Mom. And if that isn’t enough, the club isan official U.S. Olympic testing site.As for “regular” offerings, personal trainers design personalized programs, and help with health risk appraisals and weight-reduction programs. New to the facility is the Spa at the Healthplex. There, members can complete the wellness approach with a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and more.

To help members take advantage of all there is to offer at Healthplex, the facility offers “convenient personal services that make it easier to fit exercise routines into a busy life,” says Marketing Director Patti Anne Kennedy.

Amenities include onsite childcare, a food court and an 834-car garage.

Kennedy sums up the experience for members of Healthplex: “At the Healthplex Sports Club, we see an active life as essential to a healthy life. We can help members have both.”

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