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Posted by Lloyd on May 27, 2009

Several people look forward to retirement as a period to enjoy life and slow down. Sometimes the hard worked to gain that percious time cannot be fully enjoyed. This is where most consider moving into some type of nursing facility. There are other choices, though. Many fail to look into other options, such as at-home care.

When moving into a nursing facility, most senior’s concerns lies in maintaining their dignity and freedom. Residents age from 65-100, although majority age in the low to mid 80′s. A nursing home located in a fine residential area, equipped with quality accommodations and good neighbors is a major benefit. Once the pressure of living alone have been lifted, residents have been known to “come alive” again and they are able to enjoy many activities that the nursing facliity offers.

Good research requires one to know the difference between independent retirement living and assisted living. Independent retirement living is really a type of living arrangement where people in residential apartments share common space. This is for those who need little assistance with daily tasks. The better quality facilities like this tend to provide daily meals and utilities, plus transportation and housekeeping. Activities are scheduled throughout the month and standby assistance is available. Massachusetts centers often mix independent living and assisted living options in one single facility. Though similar to independent living, assisted living is usually chosen by older adults who require some help with routine daily activities, but not 24-hour care.

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