Health & Fitness Exchange, Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on December 29, 2011

Murder on Harbor Boulevard was designed to promote balanced physical activity. Because detectives were unable to get additional clues by spending extra hours on the treadmill or pumping iron, there was no incentive to overtrain. This encouraged members to space out their workouts and plan ahead rather than doing too much in a single exercise session. At the same time, the program motivated runners to include strength training in their exercise program and got some weightlifters to add aerobics to their weekly training regimen. The end result was a 24 percent increase in facility utilization during the six-week event.

At the conclusion of the murder mystery, detectives gathered for a Murder Revealing Luncheon. Staff members put on a hysterical reproduction of the six different murder scenarios, all ending with the phrase, “the intern clutched her dumbbells and fell to her death on the exercise floor.” Prizes were also awarded. The luncheon allowed members to celebrate their exercise accomplishments while spending time with their colleagues and the staff of the Health & Fitness Exchange.

Response to Murder on Harbor Boulevard was very positive. Members reported in a post-event survey that the mystery broke up the monotony of just working out and made training more enjoyable. During peak workout hours, all 15 strength-training machines and 36 pieces of cardiovascular equipment were fully utilized. Participation in the group-exercise classes also increased throughout the day, in many cases doubling in size. This remained the case even during the summer months, when class participation usually declines.

There was an increase in the number of telephone calls and visits by non-members as well, which led to a rise in total membership during the three months following the event.

The murder mystery even boosted member involvement in the facility’s strength-training programs, which previously had been less of a priority for them. This will have the long-term effect of increasing the muscular strength and endurance of members.

“Our murder mystery was created to promote a well-rounded exercise program,” notes health and fitness specialist Jessica Stevens. “It challenged participants in a fun, game-like manner. The clues that were distributed enabled participants to take small, stress-relieving breaks from their busy work schedules and focus on something silly and fun. By providing an exciting twist on exercise, members looked forward to making fitness an enjoyable part of their day.” Murder on Harbor Boulevard, therefore, helped form healthy new patterns of exercise that will hopefully endure well into the future. It proves that pushing the creative envelope in program design can reap large rewards in facility utilization, exercise adherence and member satisfaction.

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