Hair Loss Treatments With Finasteride 5 mg

Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2009
Hair Loss

We don’t like to age, but it happens anyway. As we grow older, most of us put on a bit of weight, become tired sooner, and find ourselves suffering from aches and pains we’ve never had before. By observing good habits such as exercising and eating healthier though, we can reduce some of the detrimental consequences of aging. Looking older and loosing your hair is one of the hardest things about getting older. Hair loss is more common for men, and it can negatively impact their self esteem. Many products exist today, both prescription and non prescription, that claim to turn back the process of hair loss. Finasteride is a prescription drug that has been shown to work.

Wikipedia describes Finasteride as a synthetic antiandrogen (prevents the biological consequences of sex hormones produced in the male). Taking a 5 milligram dosage of finasteride (brand names: Proscar, Fincar, and Finara) reduces urinary symptoms in men with benign prostate hyperplasia. We have learned that Finasteride aids males with hair loss. Using a 1 milligram dosage of finasteride (aka Propecia) can generate a reversal in male pattern baldness.

One milligram of Finasteride, orally, interferes with an enzyme that changes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which ordinarily causes hair follicles to reduce in size (Wellness Letter, University CA Berkely). Clinical trials have demonstrated that Finasteride helps to stimulate the hair’s transition into its active growth phase, reverses hair follicle shrinkage, and reduces the rate of hair loss. Propecia works best for men that are not completely bald, but are only starting to lose hair. It works better with hair loss around the crown instead of receding hairlines. It takes about six months to see a difference, so patience is needed, and if you wait two years, any hair growth should have taken place. To keep your hair, you will need to keep taking this medication forever. This medication will only work well if your baldness is related to male pattern hair loss.

Two side effects you need to know about are erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Another issue that younger men need to take into consideration is that Propecia affects their hormones for the entire time they continue to take it,  and there is currently insufficient data to predict what the consequences of long term usage may be.

WARNING: It is important to note that Propecia is not approved to treat women with hair loss. It can, in fact, lead to extreme birth defects in male fetuses. Crushed or broken tablets should never be touched by a pregnant woman or women who could become pregnant.

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