Getting Second Opinions Before Surgery. Part 3

Posted by Lloyd on September 12, 2012

What if I’m concerned the doctor will think I don’t trust him if I go get a second opinion?
I think you should let go of your anxiety about that. I’ve heard the comment made that surgery is a calculated risk. The surgeons do the calculating, and the patients take the risk. This is your life and this is your decision to make. And if there’s information that you feel can help you, you should feel free to access it.

What happens if I hear my surgeon’s very good, but when I try to talk to him, he’s rushing me and is on to the next patient before I’ve finished my sheet of questions? Should I go elsewhere?
Hopefully, even before you ask, he will have volunteered additional resources in his office or institution to help answer your questions. If that’s not available, I think it is right to feel uncomfortable, and you ought to seek more information elsewhere.

Who really makes the decision about whether or not to have surgery?
It’s a decision to be made by you, not a decision to be made by your surgeon. Your surgeon is an advisor to you. Once you choose a surgeon, you’ve basically hired him or her for a purpose that you’ve agreed to, and for which you need help.

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