First Aid : How to Choose the Contents of First Aid Kits

Posted by Lloyd on October 05, 2009

Picking the proper thermometer for a personal medicine chest is crucial, but somewhat daunting. Along with the many advances in technology, there has been an increase in the number of types of thermometers that buyers can choose from. In the following, information is given on the most widely used kinds of thermometers at this time.

There are many thermometers to choose from at any health stories or online pharmacies. It is very important to take your temperature when you are sick. In case you run a fever, you need to follow certain steps to safeguard your health. But, there are other reasons to get a temperature reading besides feeling sick. Many times it is seen in people who have been exposed to very cold or very hot temperatures in order to figure out if hypothermia might be a problem and women can use the temperature readings to see if ovulation is occurring, thus producing pregnancy. Whatever your reason for getting a reading of your body’s temperature, it is good to know that there are many types of thermometers to buy so you can get the best one for your purposes. Of all the different kinds of thermometers on the market, the first is the conventional glass thermometer. In reality, these are not preferable, they can break and can possibly be a concern to health because of mercury that is found on the inside. You don’t want to buy these. In case you’ve got this type in your personal medicine kit, it is best to throw it out. The kind of thermometer that is best to choose is an electronic device. This thermometer can be used in any method – orally, anally, or in the armpit – that you would use an ordinary thermometer made of glass. There is a window that shows the body temperature when it has been put in or near a body for a certain amount of time. Generally, this kind of device emits a beep once the accurate reading is achieved.

There are two thermometers (both that are parent approved) that are perfect for taking the temperature of a small child. They consist of thermometers you insert in the ear and a pacifier type. A pacifier device is often regarded as among the least valid, yet ranks as simple to use for babies. Place this in the youngster’s mouth just as you would a pacifier to obtain a reading. With an ear thermometer, you take the temperature via a digital device that you put next to the patient’s ear. There are a variety of types for kids and adults too.

Another kind of thermometer on the market is the type that adheres to the patient’s head. This type consists of a plastic film that adheres to the forehead to give the patient’s base temperature. Tests show that although these devices do work, the reading that is obtained is not as precise as a digital device. The ear thermometer is more accurate. Disposable thermometers are useful for hygiene purposes. This device is made of plastic that is placed next to the skin to obtain a temperature reading. After you buy a thermometer, you can throw this piece away. You’ll find that there is an enormous variety of thermometers available today. The digital thermometers, which come with the electronic or ear thermometer are the most accurate if you are receptive to buying the more expensive items for your home first aid kit.

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