Fake Urine for Drug Test

Posted by Lloyd on December 09, 2011
Drug Test

Fake urine, also called synthetic urine, has been around for years. Wo Hler first owned it in 1828. Despite its previous uses, it’s now used primarily to cheat urine drug testing. The internet makes it easy to use cheap, fake stuff to cheat. Labs, however, use the synthetic urine as a way of identifying the cheaters. It doesn’t always work the way you’d want it to.

Fake (synthetic) urine was used for medical use during the 1950′s. Several states made it illegal to sell human urine and its fake counterparts in 2005. These days, people use whatever they can to cheat drug tests. Many retail dealers are selling it with the purpose of helping people pass a drug tests. People believe that urine screening is a infringement of their rights, and marketers are selling synthetic urine so that people can avoid this intrusion of their privacy.

Fake urine was originally used for things other than testing for drugs. It had lots of uses before our drug addict ridden country discovered it could be used to hide drugs. It is fantastic that labs have developed synthetic urine that can be used to make strides in medicine and identifying people who cheat on drug tests. Unfortunately, it’s used most often by those attempting to hide the drugs in their system. If you Google it, you’ll find thousands of results with it for sale.

This type of urine comes in both liquid or powder sort and it blocks signs of marijuana, THC, nicotine, and evidence of pregnancy. It has the right amount of protein and has all the characteristics of natural urine. Due to its identical appearance to natural urine, its universal availability is scary. Synthetic urine has had many great uses over the years, and now it is being used to protect privacy or hide any evidence of drug use. It may be good or bad, depending on how you’re using it.

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