Exercise Good for What Ails Ya! Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on October 12, 2012

3) Exercise helps reduce symptoms related to seasonal allergies.

Yes, it’s true! Conditions such as hay fever and asthma can benefit from exercise. Since all seasonal allergies and some asthma-related respiratory conditions are allergic in nature, exercise has the ability to regulate the allergic process. Specifically, exercise has been shown to help the adrenal glands produce adrenaline and cortisol, which actually prevents or helps reduce the allergic response. Cortisol is related to the drug cortisone, which is frequently prescribed by physicians for allergic or inflammatory conditions. Look at that, you have an entire pharmacy of drugs produced inside your body and you didn’t even know it.

4) Exercise reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Cancer is essentially a disease of the cell. While the exact ontology or cause of cancer is not clearly understood, most cancers occur in tissue or organs that have frequent cell replacement. This process of cell death and replacement is a normal process that involves the existing cells rapidly dividing to make new cells. Sometimes, know one really knows why, the older cell that is dividing to make new cells is defective or damaged. This defective cell then divides and makes more defective cells. These new cells do not function correctly and just continue to divide and make more defective cells and what we call cancer is the result. Since these cells have no useful purpose other than to divide and invade other tissues and organs, left unchecked the cancer will take over the entire body causing many organ systems to fail, which would eventually result in death.

To make things even scarier, the damaged or defective cells that start of this entire process occur frequently in everyone, every day. What stands in the way of this fatal process is the immune system. A normal healthy immune system will detect these defective or damaged cells and quickly remove them. So, while our bodies are creating potentially cancerous cells daily, the immune system is there to protect us from them.

The good news is that research has shown that many cancers can be prevented by regular exercise. Colon cancer is one of the major cancers that can be prevented by regular exercise.

Another cancer of major concern, especially for women, is breast cancer. A cancer incidence that increases with age, breast cancer is also clearly lifestyle related. In a recent longitudinal study, 918 subjects aged 20 to 54 were followed over a 15-year period to determine the association between breast cancer risk and physical activity. The results showed that women who were more active than their peers had a lower risk of breast cancer. However, one interesting fact of the study was that women who exercised early in their lives (before 20 years of age) and late in their lives (within the last five years) had no reduction in breast cancer incidence. This demonstrates what I have been saying for years, a life-long exercise program is what will provide the most disease-fighting health benefits.

Well, there you have it. The benefits of exercise just keep piling up. I hope by now you understand that your body was not designed to be sedentary. We are made to move, jump and run. Lack of activity is the greatest killer of man in modern times. Our technology has made it possible to sit in one place all day. This fact necessitates that you take action. You are the one who needs to make a conscious effort to live your life to the fullest.

Many people feel they are living life to the fullest by doing whatever they want, when they want. Since exercise takes a measure of discipline, it is not seen as the best use of one’s time. And after all, why would I want to exercise to live a few years longer, it doesn’t seem worth it. Well, what many people don’t seem to understand is that exercise not only increases the years of your live, but these years are more healthy.

Exercise helps ensure that your health will be maintained during your life. If you think you will just live your life having a good time and then just die all of a sudden, think again!

There are currently millions of Americans living with chronic disease who thought the same thing. So, if you aren’t exercising, you may be heading for years of chronic disease and debilitation.

Exercise not only adds years to your life, but adds life to your years.

Just do it!

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