Ethical Soy

Posted by Lloyd on June 08, 2010

Current headlines are abuzz with news of genetically modified soy being found on the market. The news caused stock prices to drop. Genetically engineered and/or modified foods are such a relatively new event, people don’t know how to feel about them.

Despite years of research and testing, biochemists and other scientists can’t give consistent clarification about the possible long-term side effects from consuming genetically modified foods. This is alarming in more ways than one.

Soybeans and their products such as soy milk, tofu, tempeh, etc., are such beneficial natural food full of protein. They are low in fat and high in fiber. Research gives evidence that soy foods are a natural remedy to reducing the risk of cancer, as well as aiding in preventing heart disease and alleviating the problems that current victims of mild heart disease suffer. Soy is also beneficial in helping women deal with the hormonal changes that come with menopause.

Soybeans are not only highly nutritious but are also one of the oldest food crops in the world.Besides being a natural alternative to harsh medicines to treat common maladies, the soy bean is also the world’s most important food crop. This is because it is an easily grown plant that contains protein in amounts comparable to animal sources, Soybeans may very well be the answer to the world’s hunger problem now and in the future as the population continues to climb in years to come.

It would be a real shame if the social, biological, and homeopathic potential of the soybean is ruined because of genetic modification. Science can go along way in determining the full extent of the possible effects of genetic modification, as well as educating the public concerning if and how any modifications cancel out or lessen the wonder full benefits of soybeans. It is quite possible as well as likely that there are no frankenstein-ien side effects,it is still important, however, that people be informed that the food they eat has been genetically modified before they purchase and eat it. It is important that people have the choice to consume genetically modified foods or not.

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