Ear Cartilage Pseudomonas infection

Posted by Lloyd on February 09, 2012

Nipple — breast abscess (may require surgical drainage)

Penis foreskin getting stuck pulled back, tearing of the urethra

Navel and Chest Wall– migration of jewelry to body surface

Seek medical care if you think you have an infection or complication from piercing.

What Can I Do?
First, carefully explore your reasons for wanting to pierce your body.

Second, ask yourself if you can handle the risks. If you can, then educate yourself thoroughly about body piercing, the laws in your area, and the person and place you will entrust to do it.

Finally, consider this: If body piercing isn’t regulated in your area, why not get involved in the political process to make it so?

Encourage your legislators to pass laws making body piercing safer for you. This way you can support your right to ornament your body and also work toward making the procedure less risky.

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