Don’t exercise, eat what you want and still lose 30 pounds in 30 hours. Ask me how! Part 3

Posted by Lloyd on October 25, 2011
Under the Microscope

These appear to be the first two studies showing significant weight and fat loss with E+C derived from herbal extracts. One study found very few adverse effects while the other (Metabolife 356) questioned the long-term safety of the No. 1 selling thermogenic product in the country. It may be related to Metabolife departing from the 1:10 ratio or the higher dose of ephedrine taken per day (72 mg) compared to the Xenadrine study (60 mg/day). Ephedra, the primary source of ephedrine in E+C products, has been in the news for several years, with strokes, epilepsy and even death being associated with its use/abuse. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asserted that Ephedra has been the cause of hundreds of adverse reactions. But their data have many holes. Critical examinations of their claims transform their platform into a house of cards. Numerous expert toxicologists and medical examiners have found the FDA’s review of Ephedra-related reactions to be shoddy, inaccurate, misleading and … suspect. Recall when NutraSweet first came out. Over 5,000 adverse reaction reports were submitted to FDA yet they never even hinted at removing the artificial sweetener from the market. Why? They claimed voluntarily submitted adverse reaction reports (the same type comprising the majority of those for Ephedra) were worthless! Double standard or are the FDA directors smoking an illegal botanical substance during their coffee break?

If you are using E+C product, know of someone who is, or are considering it, consider these suggestions:
If you’re unsure or puzzled about taking an E+C product, talk to your doctor or other health professional. If you do take an E+C product tell your doctor/health professional what you’re taking when you see them, even if they don’t ask you.

If you’re not sure if you’re taking ephedrine READ THE LABEL: If it says “Ma huang”, “Ephedra,” “heartwood” or “Sida cordifolia” on the label it surely contains some ephedrine.

E+C mixtures, or even Ephedra extract alone, can make you hyper and feel uncomfortable. READ THE LABEL DIRECTIONS AND WARNINGS AND SEE IF YOU SHOULD NOT BE TAKING IT (if you have hypertension, are taking certain drugs, have prostate problems, etc.) READ ALL THE LABEL.

If you’re very sensitive to stimulants try starting with a reduced dose (half or less of what the label recommends) and increase the dosage to the amount recommended on the label over a period of a week or two. DON”T EXCEED THE LABEL RECOMMENDED dose.

If you are getting caffeine through other sources in your diet (coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages, and some pain relievers) BEWARE: this may increase your chance of adverse reactions. Cut down your outside caffeine intake or make sure you allow several hours between caffeine intake and your ingestion of an E+C product. Some people may have no problem maintaining their usual caffeine intake and taking a full daily dose. You are unique and product labels are written for the population as a whole.

If you have any adverse reactions stop taking the E+C product and consider if you need to tell your doctor/health professional

You may be reading this and wondering, “Is he getting kickbacks from some company selling an E+C product? He’s got to be pumping E+C for some reason!” Conflicts of interest are very important and serious to me. I have no financial rewards, of any kind, from any company selling an E+C mixture. If I did I would disclose it. I do have some E+C history, though. Back in 1991 I designed the first thermogenic labeled E+C product on the market, Diet Max®, for a company I was directing research and development for. No one had heard about “thermogenics” before then (unless they were reading the medical journals). This was (and may still be) one of the lowest dose E+C products on the market. At one time it was the leading weight loss dietary supplement “pill” in the US. The numbers of unsolicited calls, letters and faxes (all pre Internet) was amazing. It seemed to work for many people, overweight and obese. Properly used a quality E+C product can provide a great “jump start” to a lifestyle change, making it easier to cut back your calories and maybe even experience more energy and motivation to exercise. However, these products do not keep weight/fat off forever–YOU do. Eat less, eat better, and get to know your body again, the body that’s designed to move and … oh no, that eight letter word –  exercise.

When you need to buy pills online you are not only economy time, energy, money but you will also gain approach to important information about the remedies you plan to purchase.

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