Destination Sipadan, Malaysia Post 2

Posted by Lloyd on September 05, 2011

The entrance to the Turtle Cave is a large opening that lies at a depth of sixty-five feet, leading into an extensive cave system. This cave system has been mapped out by Ron Holland, one of the owners of Borneo Divers who has found the remains of over thirty turtles inside. When Jacques Cousteau once visited the island, he speculated that this cave could be where the turtles went to die. However, others believe that the turtles simply get lost inside the maze and drown.

Another magnificent dive site is Barracuda Point. It offers the exceptional opportunity to observe hundreds of large schooling barracuda up close. Observing the barracuda, they seem to move as one with the current.

Contrary to the myth that barracuda are very dangerous and will attack even when unprovoked, the barracuda merely watch their surroundings, including admiring divers, with a vigilant eye. As with most marine life, any attack on humans is usually triggered as a defensive reaction on the part of the creature, or resulting from provocation. Barracuda have been known to be attracted to silver jewelry or other sparkling items worn by divers underwater.

Divers should refrain from wearing jewelry while diving as barracuda tend to mistake jewelry for baitfish, which could account for some attacks on humans in the past. The Hanging Gardens at Barracuda Point are abundant with vivid soft corals that fill the many crevices and grooves of the wall, providing a brilliant backdrop for photographs.

Expect to see plenty of sharks on almost every dive including white & black tip reef sharks as well as hammerheads, all within a reasonable camera range. Nevertheless, more than any other species, with Sipadan’s heavy turtle population, divers are sure to witness more turtles in a single dive than they will ever see over a lifetime. Although turtles can be seen in other diving destinations around the world, the turtles found in Sipadan appear to be quite friendly and surprisingly unafraid of divers, due to their limited exposure to man – the hunter. As with many uninhabited areas such as the Galapagos Islands for example, the marine life and wildlife found here are very curious and unafraid of man, which is what makes scuba diving in these places such as Sipadan, unique experiences.

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