Couching a Bad Lifestyle. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on April 03, 2012

Interestingly enough, back pain is one of the most prevalent illnesses,and it can easily be treated with exercise. Exercise as treatment is a radical departure from that which has been prescribed for most Americans in the past. Typically, surgery or other invasive forms of treatment are prescribed, with little or no results. Medicine does not appear to be the solution. But fitness does. As a leading researcher of strength-training benefits, Wayne Westcottoutlines how a basic exercise program targeted to improve posture can help reduce back pain (pp.46).

Strength training is an important part of the active-lifestyle mix.Knowledge of the benefits of strength training has skyrocketed in the past several years, as we have seen that it can help everyone from the deconditioned to olderadults — even those who previously required assisted living — to even the most fit athletes. While we’ve devoted many articles to the topic of strength training to improve lifestyle and combat obesity, in this issue, we focus on the benefits of strength training for the “non-couch-potato.”

Just because individuals lift weights two to three times a week doesn’t mean they’re getting what they need. How many times do you see individuals come to your facility only to perform the same strength-training routine over and over again? As Matt Brzycki points out in his article, “Spicing Up Strength-Training Programs with Variety,” continuously performing the same routine will inevitably cause your members to reach a plateau (pp.40). To avoid this, he outlines the various ways in which strength regimens can be varied to get better results and keep it interesting. Matt Kutz takes variety a step further. In his article “Strength Training for Sports Performance,” he outlines the need for using “specific variety,” which he says is used in performance training to determine an athlete’s specific needs (pp.34).

The message is pretty clear: Strength training benefits run the gamut, from helping to prevent disease to improving an athlete’s sports performance.

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