Coping With Miscarriage

Posted by Lloyd on August 10, 2011

The experience of miscarriage is a difficult one. Many women find themselves grieving deeply over the loss of their child, regardless of the child’s state of development, and this is completely normal. Feelings of severe depression, anger, guilt, and disappointment may accompany this grief. It is especially difficult for women to speak about and deal with the loss of an unknown and unborn child. Just as significantly, men feel a great loss that they may have a hard time talking about. Women and their partners should recognize that they are not alone and that their feelings of loss are normal. Talking to a health-care provider or mental-health specialist can be helpful and important.

Because it is not uncommon for women to miscarry during their first pregnancy but have normal, healthy pregnancies later, they should not assume that their chances of having children are gone. At the same time, a new pregnancy can be joyful, but can also produce anxiety and guilt in a mother, as she worries about the health of her developing baby and/or feels as though she may be trying to replace the lost child. Friends and relatives may expect you to recover more quickly than you are able to, as they may not understand the depth of this experience or may feel that your having another child will make the loss easier. For women who have several miscarriages, each experience can be just as painful and difficult as the one before.

Women sometimes blame themselves, thinking the miscarriage could have been caused by working too hard, stress, having sex while pregnant, or not wanting the baby. These things do not cause miscarriage, however. What is most important is to recognize that a miscarriage is not your fault, that you are not alone in this experience, and that a wide range of emotions is normal and expected.

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